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We are creating blockchain-platform that serves as a means for investment in highly business-related movie projects

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Till now, most of the people didn’t have a chance to invest in movie industry, and the main investors were people/player from the movie world. We the company – Moviebiz coin will change the way movie making works while making it possible for anyone to invest and make profit by investing in movies.

Now what is Moviebiz coin ? It’s a decentralized blockchain platform that serves as a means for investment in highly business-related Movie projects.What are the projects? The projects are basically the movie which are produced by production house, with involve of directors and actors. Our partners own exclusive rights to prized screenplays and books from which such movies are made.

MBIZ Airdrop

Semantics-First Approach

KYC Program

  • Complete your KYC and earn 100 MBIZ ($10 value) free tokens
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Executable Referecne Model

Community Program

  • Join and Participate in our official MovieBiz Coin Telegram group and earn 100 MBIZ ($10 value) free tokens
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Secure Smart Contracts

Referral program

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Welcome to MovieBizCoin

Airdrop Program

Coin Name: Moviebizcoin
Coin Symbol : MBIZ
Airdrop Start : July 11st, 2019.
Submission Deadline : Oct. 10th, 2019
Distribution Period : Nov. 9th Onwards
Contribution Channels : Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

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Welcome to MovieBiz official Airdrop and Referral program! Our KYC is officially launching on July 1st, and we want to give you rewards for joining our community and spreading awareness of MovieBiz!

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How to Participate in the Airdrop

  • Visit the MovieBizCoin WebPage.
  • Create an account and complete your KYC. (Mandatory).
  • Submit your details to the KYC form. You will receive 100 MBIZ ($10) tokens.
  • Create an MBIZ wallet account.
  • Join the official MovieBiz Coin Telegram group.
  • Follow and Like our official Face book page.
  • You must be in the Telegram group and be following the official Facebook page at the beginning of participation until the end of the airdrop program to qualify.
  • You will receive 100 MBIZ ($10) tokens.
  • You will get email from MovieBizCoin, once your KYC has been approved.
  • Then, share your Referral link and earn 20 MBIZ ($2) tokens for every referral.

Airdrop Rules

Using multiple accounts, disclosing false information, cheating, plagiarizing, spamming, automated bot submissions, and/or any kind of unethical behavior when participating in the program will disqualify you from the entire airdrop & referral program.

While we believe everyone will be honest and loyal to the program, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the campaign at any time from suspected dishonesty, spamming. In the case of removal, we reserve the right to delete airdrop rewards without due explanation.


Reward Details

  • Rewards earned during the airdrop program will be credited to the participants' MBIZ wallet addresses starting a week after the end of the program.
  • As a reward for the airdrop program you will receive MBIZ tokens.
  • The tokens will be allocated gradually to your wallet.
OUR work way

How it works

Create an account and complete your KYC.
Create an MBIZ wallet account.
Join the official Telegram & Facebook group
Share your Referral link


Jan 2019
Project start Moviebizcoin

1) Idea, concept development.
2) Project implementation plan.

March 2019
Implementation plan Moviebizcoin

1) Market research,
2) Development of the MBIZ coin.

July 2019
Start Airdrop

1) Start Airdrop.
2) Start a marketing company.
3) Finalization of the Moviebizcoin platform.

Oct 2019
Submission Deadline

1) Airdrop Closes.
2) The release of the blockchain, the release of a MBIZ crypto coin .
3) Test of the Moivebizcoin platform.

Nov 2019
Distribution Period

1) Gradually allocation of coin in MBIZ Wallet
2) Production of user projects.

Jan 2020
Platform Launch

1) Launch of the final version of the Moviebizcoin platform.
2) Production of user projects.

2nd Quarter of 2020
The planned functioning of Moviebizcoin

1) Running Streaming Moviebizcoin.
2) Post-production projects.
3) Rental of projects.

Fund Allocations


Investment Opportunity
Investment opportunity

Moviebiz coin offers multiple highly attractive film investment opportunities on a single platform.

Fund Raising
Fund raising

Moviebiz coin plans to raise up to US$15.5 million (hard cap). Soft cap is US$3 million. Coins will be sold on the cryptocurrency market exchange .


Moviebiz coin is working in collaboration with Hollywood production companies and celebrities. Moviebiz coin intends to attract investors and advertisers from around the globe.

Communication With Fans
Communication with fans

A tested business model of top film companies will allow Moviebiz coin to become a part of the global market with two billion movie fans.

Create an account, complete your KYC and and earn 100 MBIZ ($10) tokens.

Our Goals

Movie making
Movie making

Become an investor in movie making while working with their favourite stars.


Making Crowdfunding for movie easy.

Talent Platform
Talent platform

Giving Platform for new talent to showcase their talent.


Making movie making business more transparent.

More autonomous
More autonomous

Bringings the actor and directors closer to their fans.

Blockchain world
Blockchain world

Reaching out to movie fans from across the globe.


Decentralized Functioning Decentralized Functioning

Peer to Peer transaction with no central authorities, full decentralization.

Fast transaction Fast transaction

Real-time and mass trading networks can be realized without trust issues of third parties.

Private & Secure Private & Secure

A system which provides data security to corporates and the public.

Trusted & Safe Trusted & Safe

A future proof scalable system using cutting edge technology.

Join the official Telegram & Facebook group and earn 100 MBIZ ($10) tokens.

Benefits for Producers

As a movie producer, You get to supervise certain parts of a production or you may run the entire operation. The following is a list of benefits that can help you determine whether or not this occupation is right for you.

Simple Way Simple Way

Quick and simple way to collect funds

Communication Communication

Straight communication with fans

Transparency Transparency

Transparent working conditions with investors and the platform

IP Right IP Right

Listing of IP rights to a blockchain

Finacial Support Finacial Support

No necessity for seeking funds from investors or raise financial support from institutional investors

Additional Income Additional Income

Prospect for additional income through advertisement

Benefits for Investors

Investing in Film is one of the best investments you can make, the benefits stretch far beyond the sales of box office tickets. DVD/Blu-Ray sales, television airings, Video on Demand (VOD) subscriptions and the sale of merchandise all count towards the profit a film makes and can continue to generate a profit for a lifetime.

Investment Investment

Constructive investment terms

Movie Collection Movie Collection

Large collection of movies for investment on single platform

Single Platform Single Platform

Single platform for investing within large selection of movies

Communication Communication

Communicate directly with script writers and actors

Decision-Making Decision-Making

Straight contribution in decision-making

Collections Increase Collections Increase

Percentage increase from collections in private office for Movies Coins holders

Share your Referral link and earn 20 MBIZ ($2)tokens for every referral.


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